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//Effective Ways to Grow eCommerce Sales With Minimal Effort

Effective Ways to Grow eCommerce Sales With Minimal Effort

You’ve just launched a fantastic online store. You’ve chosen hot products, designed a fantastic website, and are waiting for the orders to pour in.

Your results, however, have been everything than impressive thus far.

The first stage in starting a successful online business is setting up an eCommerce store; the next is developing long-term plans to boost eCommerce sales.

Increasing eCommerce sales is easier than you might believe. You don’t have to exhaust yourself doing it, I assure you.

The majority of the time, a mix of simple strategies operating in concert will enable you to meet your revenue targets.

Here are Effective Ways to Grow eCommerce Sales without overextending yourself.

1. Set Targeted Pricing

Effective Ways to Grow eCommerce Sales With Minimal Effort

The first step to Growing eCommerce Sales is setting price targets.

In response to shifting market conditions, your competitors frequently change their rates and roll out promotions.

You risk losing ground if you don’t use specialized, targeted, and dynamic pricing methods.

Using IP geolocation to optimize prices is one technique to achieve this.

With IP geolocation, you may examine the traffic to your website and provide tailored pricing based on the information you have.

You run the risk of losing money without a distinct pricing breakdown for someone in the US compared to someone in India.

Tax rates and other changing geographic price dynamics must also be taken into account.

Additionally, you can use IP data to create geo-targeted matches to boost e-commerce purchases.

For instance, a consumer from South Asia could favor products associated with cricket, whereas a customer from Canada might be more interested in items related to ice hockey.

This is a great approach to boost eCommerce sales because it can result in happy consumers and higher profit margins.

You can adhere to it as one of the greatest practices for online shopping.

2. Build an Email List

Effective Ways to Grow eCommerce Sales With Minimal Effort

The Second step to Growing eCommerce Sales is Building Email List

The first one is a major deal! Sure, building an email list for your e-commerce company could initially seem like a big endeavor, but there are various approaches you can take without inventing the wheel.

Building a tribe of devoted clients allows you to complete several important business-building tasks:

You’re retargeting customers who have already expressed an interest in your goods.

You are granted authority to distribute promotions without having to pay for social media advertisements.

You’re presenting a chance for communal development.

Email is particularly effective because your clients elect to receive additional information from you rather than being targeted by paid advertisements.

Additionally, unlike social media platforms, which you do not own, your email list is completely under your control.

Do you recall when Facebook and Instagram were unavailable for almost a whole day?


Popups are one of the best email list-building techniques for online stores if that answers your question.

You can set them to be activated when a visitor spends a specific amount of time on your page or when they scroll to a specific point on the page to make sure they aren’t too invasive.

Effective Ways to Grow eCommerce Sales With Minimal Effort

Because you definitely don’t want to turn away consumers who are looking at all the amazing products in your store!

Take a look at this slide-in form, for instance, which appears after a visitor scrolls down more than half the page:

Popups are one of the best email list-building techniques for online stores if that answers your question.

You can set them to be activated when a visitor spends a specific amount of time on your page or when they scroll to a specific point on the page to make sure they aren’t too invasive.

Because you definitely don’t want to turn away consumers who are looking at all the amazing products in your store!

Take a look at this slide-in form, for instance, which appears after a visitor scrolls down more than half the page:

3. Make Advertising Campaigns for Several Social Networks.

Effective Ways to Grow eCommerce Sales With Minimal Effort

Social omnipresence is essential for an e-commerce company. For your eCommerce store to receive traffic and generate sales, you should be present on all social media networks.

Additionally, you may do this to increase brand recognition, engage audiences, and access influencer networks.

Every social media platform has a distinct audience as well as advantages and disadvantages.

You may use TikTok to get famous people to endorse and advertise your products. However, the biggest conversions might occur on Facebook and Instagram.

Understanding the behaviors of your particular target market on various social media sites can greatly influence your e-commerce performance.

You’re not by yourself, which is wonderful news. Numerous social media listening, scheduling, and content marketing solutions make your job simpler and increase e-commerce sales.

This is the finest choice you have if you’re unsure on how to boost e-commerce sales.

3. Use Scarcity to Get People to Act

Effective Ways to Grow eCommerce Sales With Minimal Effort

Scarcity is the ultimate adrenaline rush.

Your visitors are more inclined to make a purchase right away if your goods appear to be in short supply or if a sale is only happening temporarily.

They are unable to guarantee that your products will still be offered at this price—or even available—in the future.

Here are some strategies for using scarcity to increase e-commerce sales:

Run blitz sales

During sales, include a countdown clock on your website.

Give your products a “just x remains” indication.

Provide free shipping for a limited period.

Scarcity may boost your click-through rate by 14% and double your sales, and it’s so simple to include in your marketing strategy!

To take advantage of the offer, just add a popup with a succinct message and/or a promo code to certain pages.

4. Upsell Your Customers

The fourth step to Growing eCommerce Sales is to upsell your customers

You may conduct a joyful dance to commemorate the fact that one of your visitors has added something to their cart, to boost your chances of making a transaction, you may upsell your visitors.

If you don’t use this strategy, you might be losing out on a lot of money since upsells and renewals account for an average of 70 to 95 percent of the income generated by online stores that provide them.

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Additionally, selling to existing clients is 5 times simpler than trying to draw in new ones.

Upsells are an effortless method to make the most of your existing customers.

Inserting popups to present your visitors with an improved, more expensive item (or a related item) when they add a related item to their cart is one of the simplest ways to implement upsells.

5. Create a Money Back Guarantee

Effective Ways to Grow eCommerce Sales With Minimal Effort

The fifth step to Growing eCommerce Sales is Create a Money Back Guarantee

Trust-building is crucial. Online customers are unable to hold or test out products in person. They need extra reassurance before they can believe you are an honest retailer.

Money-back guarantees show your confidence in the caliber of your products while assisting in the development of this kind of trust.

However, there are certain alleged hazards connected to full or partial refunds. Some clients would interpret these as e-commerce loopholes and attempt to profit from them.

Adding a time limit is one approach to protect yourself. Depending on the particulars of the goods, you might be able to set the warranty to last for 30 days or two months, for instance.

Additionally, you can specify certain requirements for the guarantee’s continued validity.

6. Optimize Your Store for Mobile

Effective Ways to Grow eCommerce Sales With Minimal Effort

People enjoy buying on their phones, and this practice is becoming more popular.

According to statistics from an eMarketer analysis, Business Insider projects that in 2022, mobile devices will account for 40.1% of US eCommerce sales, up from 36.9% in 2019.

Therefore, eCommerce businesses now place high importance on having a well-designed website that is optimized for conversions and is also mobile-friendly.

In fact, mobile e-commerce business owners are getting ready. The conversion rate for mobile customers is increasing, according to Statista, and has lately risen to 3.5 percent, very nearly matching the 3.9 percent for desktop customers.

Because of the intense competition, businesses that don’t offer a frictionless mobile experience often miss out on lucrative prospects (aka money).

A lawyer could also help you prepare a policy for money-back guarantees. This is a fantastic move for those who are unsure about how to raise e-commerce sales.

7. Establish Trust by Offering Social Proof

In a sea of online possibilities, why would anyone choose your e-commerce store?

Nowadays, a sale—and maybe even entire brands—can be made or lost based on how consumers view eCommerce products on social media networks.

There are various ways you may use social proof to grow your e-commerce business’s sales. Additionally, it’s a great e-commerce SEO technique.

A smart place to start is by highlighting favorable comments on your social media profiles and celebrity endorsements.

It’s not a good idea to delete bad reviews, though. Keeping your review section honest is just as important as receiving excellent client feedback.

8. Use SEO Plugins

Effective Ways to Grow eCommerce Sales With Minimal Effort

The sixth step to Growing eCommerce Sales is to use SEO plugin

Your organic traffic will grow if you optimize your online store for search engines, especially if you can rank on the top page of Google for a particular phrase.

Who doesn’t enjoy free traffic, after all?

If the mention of SEO makes you want to flee, I understand. SEO is a difficult task in and of itself.

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However, SEO for e-commerce sites doesn’t take up a lot of time, and you can choose from a number of excellent plugins to make the process easier.

Although some are charged and some are free, these plugins are generally inexpensive and will deliver a fantastic return on investment when used to the fullest extent possible.

Consider it this way: Every time a user arrives at your website via an organic search, you avoid paying for advertising.

Here is a comprehensive essay to assist you in optimizing your e-commerce website for search engines if you are a complete novice and need direction.

9. Use Paid Traffic to Promote Your Sales

Effective Ways to Grow eCommerce Sales With Minimal Effort

The seventh step to Growing eCommerce Sales is to use paid trafic to promote sale.

Paid social ads should be included in your e-commerce marketing strategy in addition to organic social media marketing.

Your social network profiles’ shared content is only visible to your followers. If you want to enhance ecommerce sales, paid advertisements allow you to access a new audience.

Social media networks provide a wide range of choices for selecting the correct audience for sponsored content.

To locate your perfect e-commerce target audience, you can approach consumers based on demographics like geography, buying interests, age, or gender.

Additionally, make sure your content is updated frequently. People’s memories fade quickly.

Brands that contact them once a month will not get their attention.

To remain on top of things and steadily grow e-commerce sales over time, schedule ads and create a paid ads calendar.

Keep in mind that not all of your paid advertising need to be about your items.

Showing behind-the-scenes videos of your company’s operations can greatly increase client loyalty and rapport.

10. Minimize Cart abandonment

Effective Ways to Grow eCommerce Sales With Minimal Effort

Reduce shopping cart abandonment Every e-commerce business owner will recognize the following: you receive a notification that someone has added items to their cart from your shop.

You start to believe that things are finally improving as you become overly excited about the huge sale that is going to come your way.

However, your visitor abruptly leaves their cart without completing the transaction. Oh no, shucks.

You probably experience this more frequently than you’d want, and it could make you feel helpless. But do not worry; there are simple strategies to reduce cart abandonment.

For instance, exit-intent popups can convince a visitor to reconsider clicking the “x” on the tab for your store.

When a user moves their mouse away from your store, these popups automatically detect it and offer them one final chance to take advantage of an alluring promotion if they finish their purchase.

Learn how to quickly generate an exit-intent popup with Getsitecontrol.

11. Showcase Your Top-Selling Items

The sixth step to Growing eCommerce Sales is to showcase your top selling items

How does your current e-commerce landing page look?

The top-selling items in your store should be featured on the landing page.

This will be the first thing that visitors see, giving you one chance to make a good impression.

Instead of overloading your customers with all of your available product options via your menus.

You’ll establish a wonderful first impression and provide a starting point for their shopping spree by showing your best-selling items on your front page.

Plus, there’s a good reason why these goods are best-sellers. Utilize their influence to draw all new customers to your shop.

12. Start Upselling

What if a consumer is about to complete their purchase of a coffee jar at the checkout stage when they receive a personalized recommendation for a bigger, better coffee jar that will only cost them $5 more? They can feel pressured to improve their offering.

Upselling is a fantastic strategy to boost revenue and create enduring relationships with your clients.

It works well because you are mostly selling to clients who are familiar with you and your business.

The good news is that adding an upsell procedure to your online store doesn’t always require coding knowledge.

Numerous upsell applications can be seamlessly integrated with Shopify, WooCommerce, and other well-known e-commerce platforms.

13. Revise your Checkout Process

The thirteen step to Growing eCommerce Sales is to Revise your Checkout Process

To enhance customer experience and boost online sales, optimize your e-commerce store’s checkout process.

The likelihood of a consumer abandoning their cart increases with the amount of time they spend entering their personal information and payment information.

Some customers might not want to register before making a purchase. Others might only feel secure using a particular kind of payment.

However, some people might find the website’s design puzzling.

The customer journey may be greatly streamlined and sales increased by making small adjustments like including guest checkouts, numerous payment methods, incorporating CTA buttons into products, and making password resets simply.

This is a straightforward method for increasing online sales.

13. Integrate Instagram

Instagram has shoppable posts—did you know that? You can utilize your Instagram Business profile to link directly to your ecommerce store if your company is a member of one of Instagram’s supported markets and abides by their commercial regulations.

Instagram offers a wide-open window of business potential with a monthly active user base of 1 billion (and 500 million daily users, what?).

This is especially true if the visual branding of your store is strong.

To draw the attention of your Instagram followers to one of your product pages, you might post eye-catching photographs of your goods.

Directly integrating your feed with your e-commerce website is another approach to incorporating Instagram.

This will promote social interaction among your visitors.

Visitors who are engaged are also significantly more likely to make another purchase from you in the future.

15. Display Your Reviews

The thirteen step to Growing eCommerce Sales is to display your reviews

Did you know that 70% of consumers read online reviews before making a purchase?

You’re missing out on a significant portion of potential revenue if you don’t use reviews.

Adding ratings to your products is one simple approach to benefit from reviews. Make careful you remind customers to post reviews; otherwise, they might forget to do so.

Asking some of your most devoted customers—those who have made numerous purchases from your shop—for a review is another strategy to strengthen your online reviews.

Testimonials are different from reviews in that they aren’t always about a particular product; instead, they can increase trust in your business as a whole and promote the overall convenience of purchasing on your website.

Since you’ll find your most devoted clients on your email list, use it to ask for testimonials.

Once you have these endorsements, put them front and center on your landing page to instantly project credibility to potential customers.

Since your visitors may recognize the client as a genuine person, testimonials perform much better when you utilize a real name and photo.

Here is a fantastic illustration from Madsen Cycles, which display customer testimonials next to images of actual people using their products:

16. Offer Multiple Payment Options

The thirteen step to Growing eCommerce Sales is to offer multiple payment option

Customers put items in their shopping carts with the intention of purchasing them. If they don’t have their preferred method of payment at the checkout, things could soon alter.

There were formerly only a few payment methods, such as PayPal or credit cards.

And the particular issue with credit cards was that they featured exorbitant interest rates and late payment penalties.

These days, the majority of online retailers provide “buy now pay later (BNPL)” solutions like Klarna, Pay, and Sezzle, which undoubtedly aid in growing e-commerce sales.

These new payment options, as their name suggests, give clients the option to pay later with minimal costs and interest rates.

This significantly lowers cart abandonment and raises the bar for flexible payments.

Additionally, they guarantee that advance payments are made to internet store owners without risk or fraud.

However, the availability of buy now, pay later choices shouldn’t be limited to the checkout procedure.

To make the most of these flexible payment choices, include them early in the client journey process—through banners and paid advertisements, for example.

To ensure that you don’t miss out on consumer payments, it’s crucial to compare and choose from a variety of relevant payment gateways.

17. Try out Gmail ads

In the social or promotions tab, at the top of a prospect’s inbox, are interactive adverts known as Paid Gmail Ads or Gmail Promotion Ads.

There are various methods you may create useful Gmail advertising to advertise your e-commerce firm.

The possibilities are endless, from incorporating a clickable link to your online store to a playable movie.

Gmail Ads save you time since Google automatically makes them mobile and desktop responsive.

Prospects who view Gmail ads are in the awareness and interest stages of your marketing funnel.

Create your Gmail Ads so that they look like post-click landing pages. Include your distinct value proposition as soon as possible.

18. Implement a Live Chat

The eighteen step to Growing eCommerce Sales is to Implement live chat

The implementation of a live chat, another of these eCommerce technologies, is much easier than you might imagine.

If customers have a query, you or your customer service representatives can answer them immediately by adding a live chat option to your store.

Visitors may occasionally wish to purchase anything from you, but they may need an urgent question to be addressed first.

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Additionally, if you have potential clients go through extra hoops to contact you, they are more inclined to simply click away.

Imagine this, for instance:

Before deciding which size to purchase, your visitor wants to know if your outfit fits as expected.

They must click on your contact page, copy your email address, launch their email client, and put their inquiry into an email in order to contact you.

That’s a lot of steps, and they divert the customer from your store, which could lose you the sale.

And this isn’t just conjecture; if a website doesn’t offer live chat, 77% of visitors won’t make a purchase.

19. Use A/B testing

How do you determine what strategies for conversion optimization in your store are most effective and which ones are ineffective at all?

You don’t, is the quick response. Testing your options is the only genuine method to discover what functions.

A/B testing is a useful technique for doing it. To determine which performs better, it compares two different headlines, product descriptions, website layouts, and other elements.

The majority of A/B testing solutions offer vital metrics for getting in-depth information on the effectiveness of your instances.

You can iteratively improve the customer experience in your store and keep comparing different options once you know what works best.

Since you’re using only data to optimize your conversions, each new iteration will help you increase your online sales.

You can finally improve your clients’ experiences by using A/B testing. Your clients are more likely to return and make additional purchases from you if they had a positive experience.

Of course, A/B testing isn’t always simple. You must always work to make your store better.

To implement these tests, though, you don’t need to battle the technology; all you need to do is create compelling material to test out.

20. Ensure Consistent Messaging Throughout

The thirteen step to Growing eCommerce Sales is to Ensure Consistet Messaging Throughout

Customers can know your company without even remembering its name if your distinctive colors, typefaces, layouts, logos, sales material, and other communication aspects are constant.

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Utilize a variety of tools and techniques to keep your messaging consistent. To begin with, you can generate messaging templates by integrating automated marketing solutions with your e-commerce websites.

Use content management systems to quickly share content across your online store with brand identifiers.

21. Offer Free Stuff!

The thirteen step to Growing eCommerce Sales is to Offer free stuff

Sounds a little bit like getting cut on the foot. Online money earning is our business, not losing it, right?

But what if offering freebies may boost your revenue?

Yes, offering freebies aids in long-term purchases.

For instance, offering complimentary goods might increase client confidence. Additionally, you are not required to give away free items.

To give clients some time to evaluate the worth of your items before committing, you can provide free trials.

To raise the average order value, you can also provide free shipping and delivery on transactions over a specified threshold.

Instead of seeing it as a loss-making strategy to boost eCommerce sales, consider it a wise investment to build trust with new clients.

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