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//Mobile App Marketing (25 Simple Steps)

Mobile App Marketing (25 Simple Steps)

With over four million apps available for download from the top app stores in the globe, businesses are all too aware that the only way to stand out in today’s app industry is with a diligent marketing approach.

While concentrating on mobile app development and creating a functional app is essential for success, your hard work will be for naught if people are unaware of it.

Every user encounter with a mobile app, from when they first learn about it to when they start using it regularly, is covered by mobile app marketing.

Identifying a target audience, knowing how to reach them, communicating with them, and evaluating their in-app activity to make continual adjustments as users travel through the acquisition funnel are all necessary for effectively marketing a mobile app.

The ultimate objective of a mobile app marketing strategy should be to attract users who will not only encourage recurrent interaction but also turn into devoted brand ambassadors.

Discover the Steps to Marketing Your Mobile App

Steps to Marketing Your Mobile App

Simple Steps to Marketing Your Mobile App

An abbreviation for “application” is “app.” Apps are typically standalone programs that allow users to access the internet without the use of a web browser (although many also offer offline functionality).

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Mobile devices, laptops, and desktop computers can all host apps.

The majority of users download apps from specially selected marketplaces or directly from business websites.

The following advice I got for you will help you create a successful Plan to Marketing Your Mobile App.

1. Implement a Search Engine Optimization Strategy:

Potential users can find your website through search engine results thanks to search engine optimization (SEO).

There are many factors to consider when creating an SEO plan, but one of the finest things you can do is include pertinent keywords on the landing page of your website.

Post a conspicuous link allowing visitors to download your app to their preferred device on the same landing page.

You can improve your SEO by using your web hosting platform or by hiring a third-party vendor who specializes in increasing website traffic and conversion rates.

2. Purchase Search Ads

Some app marketing tactics concentrate on paid search because SEO requires a lot of work and ongoing maintenance.

Most frequently, this entails purchasing visibility from several search engines. You can frequently adapt your advertising campaign for mobile marketing.

3. Implement an App Store Optimization Strategy

Reach app consumers where they are already downloading new apps by utilizing online searches in addition to investing in app store optimization (ASO).

Encourage active customers to leave app reviews in order to maximize your app store visibility.

Send push alerts encouraging users to create reviews and upload numerous photos and videos documenting their interactions with your app in the app store.

Update the app’s name, icon, and description as needed.

4. Run Paid Promotions in App Stores

Consider running sponsored advertisements on social media networks as an alternative to search engine marketing.

Social media platforms frequently contain a wealth of data about their users, such as their whereabouts, demographics, and interests.

Because of this, some marketers believe social media marketing to be more accurate than paid search ads.

Maintain the professional and current appearance of all your pertinent pages when you promote your app on social media.

5. Hire Influencers

The use of social influencer marketing might help your app become more visible to potential users.

As you update your app or are ready to launch a new app, get in touch with bloggers and industry influencers to create buzz.

Influencers can be compensated either with a fixed fee or with a percentage of all referrals generated through their social media accounts.

6. Create a Content Marketing Plan

Making valuable material for your potential user base as a means of attracting people to your website is known as content marketing.

You can let them know about your awesome new app once they’re on your website.

Articles, infographics, and videos (like webinars or how-to films) that convey important information can all be considered valuable content.

Hire marketing strategists or a PR team

7. Hire Marketing Strategists or a PR team

Public relations specialists do market research, produce press releases, and launch email marketing campaigns to promote the launching of your new app.

The benefits of your new app can be promoted on TV, the radio, a podcast, or even a well-known YouTube show with the help of an effective PR agent.

You can submit for app awards, which attract the interest of tech aficionados, with the assistance of some PR and marketing agencies.

8. Introduce New Features

By delivering new app features that cater to their demands, you may increase your user base and keep your current clients. Check the usage statistics for your app and ask the opinions of frequent users to come up with fresh concepts that will keep them interested.

10. Offer Limited-Time Promotional Campaigns

Offer time-limited promotions to entice cautious potential customers to sign up. These might consist of discounts on premium apps or bonuses for quick app installation.

Although clients that are motivated by promotions aren’t the best for customer retention, they can nevertheless increase your user base.

11. Guest Blogging

A excellent strategy to grow your following is guest blogging.

You can post on a number of blogs to sell your mobile application. You can make posts on blogs that are relevant to the subject matter that your target audience would find most interesting.

Additionally, you can write about mobile gadgets on technology sites. It’s important to target blogs with readers who are most likely to download your app.

While guest posts shouldn’t be self-promotional, you might choose the themes so that readers are eager to download your mobile app by the end of the piece.

Make your author profile as intriguing as you can and connect to the page for your app on your website, iTunes, or Google Play in order to anticipate those clicks.

Use language that encourages action, such as “Download our app right away.”

12. Take Great Screenshots

Even though it seems straightforward, simply taking a screenshot of your program and uploading it to the app store does a terrible job of communicating what you want to offer the potential user.

The greatest approach to transforming a lackluster app into a high download winner is by adding captions and more visual features to your screenshots.

13. Design A Captivating App Icon

There is a lot of competition in any category you choose for your app because there are over 1.6 million apps in the Google Play Store and 1.5 million in the App Store.

Due to this noise, many individuals decide to download apps only if the app icon appeals to them.

Your app icon needs to be the following to stand out:

Possess a distinguishing, distinctive shape

Have a small color palette; two colors are plenty to generate contrast.

Avoid utilizing pictures since they mix in too much!

Avoid using a lot of text because it is hardly readable.

Be original!

14. App Store Optimization (ASO)

At its foundation, app store optimization (ASO) is just Google Play and App Store search engine optimization (SEO).

App store optimization concentrates on keyword relevance, search relevance, and keyword density in your description, just like search engine optimization.

Your app description is one of the most crucial aspects of your mobile app marketing strategy because nearly half of iPhone users in the US discover apps through search.

Through services like App Annie, where you can search for terms like “healthy recipes for women” and see what applications come up as well as their ranking, it’s also very simple to start conducting competitor research.

How app store optimization works is the subject of a whole article that we wrote. In it, we go through its significance and how to improve your app listing.

14. Create A Fantastic App Landing Page

Even if your company doesn’t have a mobile app, having a fantastic landing page is a need.

A strong landing page is like always carrying a terrific business card; you never know when you might need it.

A superb mobile app landing page with all the components required for user acquisition and engagement is Spendee.

Even though there are other connections on the page, the App Store and Google Play Store buttons stand out as the two most obvious links.

They stand out just as much as the images to their right of them and are bigger than the social sharing buttons, which is ideal for assisting website visitors in spreading the word about the app.

Each panel has a single call to action that, as you scroll down, points back to the primary call to action, which is to download the app.

Even social proof from news organizations and actual app users may be found in the second-to-last panel.

Here’s a wonderful template with all the components you’ll need if you’re having trouble creating your own app landing page. Here are 20 more options in case you need more.

15. Get Featured On Mobile App Review Sites

You must submit a pitch to an app review site in order to be listed. In other words, you need to persuade the website that your software is worthy of a review and subsequent placement on it.

These app review sites frequently seek out information like:

  • High-quality, beautiful graphic designs
  • Unique and original mechanics, concepts, and artwork
  • Stable applications without bugs, crashes, lengthy loading times, or material that is badly put together

You will probably need to send your app’s support materials when you get in touch. Typically, a document containing the following information is used for this.

  • An app store URL for your application
  • An overview paragraph outlining your app and what makes it unique
  • screenshots showing the title screen, logo, and content within your app
  • Links to your app’s videos on Vimeo or YouTube
  • Anyone who has access to a promo code will be able to download the software for free. You do not need to worry about this if your app is free.

Profiting from the traffic of another website is simple if you can get press and reviews about your app.

You can submit your app to 113 of the BEST venues for review and publicity, which we’ve listed in this list.

Features on any of these websites can result in many, many app downloads due to their combined total of over 11 million Twitter followers, over 6 million Facebook fans, and tens of millions of unique visitors each month.

Here’s the full list of 113 places to submit your app

16. Link To Your App In Your Email Signature

Many times, it can take weeks or even months before all of your current clients are aware that you have finally released a mobile app.

However, those same clients who are unaware undoubtedly receive emails from you on a weekly or even daily basis.

A relatively simple technique to gradually increase downloads by sending the emails you typically send is to add your app download links or a link to your app landing page to your email signature.

If your company employs a few employees, make sure they follow suit.

For instance, if each employee in your company sent out an average of 20 emails every day (a very low estimate), you could reach 80 individuals each day with information about your mobile app.

That is over 2,400 each month or 560 every week!

Over time, the most straightforward actions can often provide the best results.

17. Promote Your App In-Store

The best method to encourage continued app downloads for a brick and mortar business is to take advantage of your foot traffic.

You can let clients know that you have a mobile app by posting a QR code or even simply a sticker for the Google Play Store and App Store in your window. they might not have known at the time.

Similar to this, by including a QR code on your business cards, everyone who receives one may instantly get a link to download your app.

18. Join LinkedIn & Facebook Groups

With 400 million business professionals, LinkedIn is a sizable social network, and Facebook has more than 1 billion users.

They have organizations for just about everything you can imagine, and they represent a wide range of markets and sectors.

Share the app with groups that contain people who are very similar to your current customers or your ideal consumers. Describe the advantages of utilizing the app and why they should.

If you locate a sizable group, get in touch with the group administrator and request a partnership to spread the word about the app.

It might be a sponsored advertisement in exchange for money, or it might be a referral arrangement where you are paid for each download or new customer.

19. Recruit Customers Locally

A fantastic area to find new customers for your mobile app is at meetups, events, and conferences.

Simply carry business cards with the download URL for your app on them, and hand them out to everyone you speak to.

A decent-sized conference can draw thousands of attendees, while some larger meetings can draw hundreds. Give the attendees your business card after engaging them in a brief conversation.

Encourage them to download the app and get in touch with you to share their thoughts.

It’s an excellent technique to attract lots of new users and get suggestions for app enhancement.

20. Post On Pinterest

Users of the social media platform Pinterest can share and discover content by pinning photos and videos to both their own and other people’s boards.

Users can create their own boards, look for content to post on them, and browse the content that others have posted.

The purpose of Pinterest is to organize the best online content into clearly labeled boards.

When someone chooses to keep your product on their board, you will be visible to anybody who visits that person’s board.

With the introduction of its new App Pin function, Pinterest now offers direct IOS app downloads.

That is to say, you can upload images of your lovely program, and just below the red “Pin it” button is a blue “Install” button. On Pinterest’s official blog, you can get further details on how to app pin.

21. Run a Contest

It’s not always necessary to disseminate your software yourself across all channels in order to promote it; sometimes, all it takes is a small spark to get your users moving in the right direction.

Users will be encouraged to download and use your app for the duration of the contest if you create a contest within it.

Customers may always know where they stand in the rankings with a live leaderboard in your app.

Create your contest such that participants can advance through different tiers by interacting with your business, referring friends, or downloading the app.

Customers should be informed of the best times to check for updates.

22. Sincerely Respond To All Your Reviews

No matter how lengthy a review is, if a consumer takes the time to write it, you should respond to them.

Many businesses make the error of just sending all of their clients an automated message.

Not only will this drive away clients, but it will also drastically lower your ranking score among those who feel their complaints are not being addressed.

Whatever your consumers may say, let them know you are working to find a solution by outlining the efforts you are taking to enhance their experience. All reviews—positive and negative—should be addressed.

23. Integrate Social Share Within The App

By having your own app advertise itself, you can take app promotion to the next level.

As they use your app, your users will discover countless new things, and there is nothing more fulfilling than sharing those discoveries with the rest of the world.

You may increase your app’s visibility and provide your users a platform to express themselves by allowing them to share their screens and in-app content.

24. Release New Updates Often

Customers need to know that you are always improving the app for them. Apps that are not maintained will be deleted.

If you are not making every effort to improve the user experience, users will feel misled.

This is particularly relevant given that you have yet to address many of the complaints customers have made in the review areas.

Maintain the freshness of your app’s content and let your users know that you are constantly working on new additions for their enjoyment.

25. Industry Forums and Podcasts

A free and simple way to market your startup and app is through forums. It’s all about interacting with the community, just like on Facebook (and other social networks).

Just remember not to sign up for these networks with the sole purpose of advertising your app.

For free mobile app promotion, use platforms like:

  • Quora
  • Reddit
  • Industry-specific forums
  • Hackermoon

On these forums, you can even establish direct contact with your target user base.

To improve your content marketing strategy, I also suggest listening to podcasts that are specialized to your sector.

This is a quick approach to get thousands of listeners to learn about your app.

There are a lot of podcasters seeking for fresh guests. Consequently, obtaining positions on numerous shows shouldn’t be too tough.

It’s simple to find related podcasts. Simply look through Spotify, Apple Podcasts, or your preferred podcast-listening platform.

You can browse through each of these by category.

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To market your mobile app, you don’t need to invest a lot of money.

Smartphone apps that just rely on mobile app marketing techniques like Apple search ads won’t be successful in the long run.

You need a strategy for obtaining free, unpaid organic downloads.

Do you think I missed anything important in this post? What is your top-secret tool for promoting apps? Let’s have a lengthy discussion about that in the comments.

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