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//Queer togetherness and delight on the web: Yves Rees on Archer #14 launch

Queer togetherness and delight on the web: Yves Rees on Archer #14 launch

Listed here is actually this short plant from

Exactly about Yves: Notes from a Transition

(A&U, RRP $32.99) by Yves Rees and it is available

Nobody ended up being speaking about any of this. The lockdown knowledge had gotten no airtime.

Instead, the news and politicians told stories of white picket walls and nuclear family members. Homeschooling, sourdough starter, quarantinis, Bunnings jobs, family members Tiktoks. A run on rescue dogs and jigsaws. Hunker down, get cosy aided by the family. Grow a veggie spot. See the footy with a beer or two. This really is a winter like hardly any other, but we will complete it together. Hold your family close.

Exactly what if you don’t accept family members? What if your family provides rejected you for being trans? Imagine if your only family are the fellow queers who are today prohibited from get together?

Let’s say you are able to feel yourself vanishing after months and months starved of any person as you?

What after that?


n spring season, after a lot more than 6 months of lockdown, i am welcomed to your Zoom release regarding the
latest concern


, a Melbourne-based queer magazine. I provided articles, and they wish me to read from my personal piece.

We concur, but off task. Its another task, just one more Zoom to add to the 100s upon hundreds went to this present year. There were numerous soul-crushing hours looking at a montage of faces. Now, exactly the view from the blue-and-white Zoom logo design causes nausea.


the guy week ahead of the launch, an Australia article plan comes: designs. The


group have delivered myself rainbow banners, journal prints and confetti to liven up my personal backdrop. Vivid reds and blues and purples and vegetables. Its needless and I think it’s great.

With life now decreased to clean basics, all countless colors of grey, there’s something defiant about hanging out and money on mere colourful

report. It reminds me personally with the joys of frivolity.

The address of About Yves: Notes from a Transition by Yves Rees. Available for purchase
right here


n the night time, rainbow accents duly strung right up behind me personally, the release begins with a cardio program directed by pull performer
Betty Grumble
. Adorned in high-cut leotard and 1980s sweatbands, Grumble becomes you to shimmy and move.


“give thanks to the figures, thank your own figures!” she teaches, covering the woman hands around by herself.

Then, contributors study from our parts. Besides me, absolutely a gay man referring to the ravages of HIV; a lesbian confessing her Catholic guilt; an Indigenous society leader. Many different, all appreciated here. Within this room, we are the VIPs, perhaps not the freaks. In the centre, perhaps not the margins.


s we read, the chat fills with really love and affirmation from audience of guy queers. We can not take the same real place, but we get to both with terms. I’ven’t handled my personal G&T but can nonetheless detect a glow during my veins.

Already, this is exactly a Zoom like not one. No further a chore. T

hen, the dance starts.
DJ Gay Father
, a non-binary musician,

leads united states through a set of queer anthems, early 2000s pop music classics, and classic disco.

The ‘crowd’ goes crazy. We writhe and bop and shake in our loungerooms, throwing feet and swaying sides, aside but with each other, shaking off of the stress of numerous several months.


omehow, I have found the neurological to leave my personal video clip on. I am dancing like no one is actually seeing – but the truth is that many folks are.

The difference is the fact that they’re my personal people. The individuals exactly who never ever had gotten the empathy vote on TV, who were never acquiesced by ScoMo or Gladys or Daniel Andrews in his North Face. The people whom understand what becoming undetectable feels like. People who haven’t any fucks kept to give.

This is exactly our personal alternative world, where we make the guidelines.


the guy faces from the screen cheer my personal passionate dance, and is on top of fuel if light on finesse. High kicks, waving hands, moving feet. Never ever stop moving. Perspiration soaks my personal T-shirt; the cats have taken retreat according to the sleep.

The DJ’s set is meant to work for an hour but eventually ends up going for significantly more than two. We’ve last track after finally song, only for united states to plead for another.

Many of us are generating performers of ourselves tonight. A constellation of pulsing aliveness. Tonight, we insist upon the life. Together, we are genuine.

Dazzling, even.

This might be an extract from

About Yves: Records from a Transition

(A&U, RRP $32.99) by Yves Rees and is also available for purchase

Dr Yves Rees (they/them) is actually an author and historian according to unceded Wurundjeri area. They truly are a Lecturer of all time at La Trobe college, the co-host of Archive Fever history podcast, therefore the composer of Everything about Yves: records from a Transition (Allen & Unwin, 2021). They are co-editor of Nothing to Hide: sounds of Trans and Gender different Australia (Allen & Unwin, 2022). Rees ended up being given the 2020 ABR Calibre Essay Prize and a 2021 Varuna household Fellowship. Their writing has included in the Guardian, Age, Sydney Report About Books, Australian Book Assessment, Meanjin, the Griffith Evaluation and Overland, among different magazines.

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